performance, text

in collaboration with Tess Altman & Cheyanne Williams


With strength and speed I tore the true betwixt to pieces and gorged myself on it. My drive to feed had been quickly satisfied. Apparently, that was betwixt.

You did not know what I did nor what I actually did but it was startlingly betwixt. Not until I rested, pleasantly weary, did you begin to realize I was betwixting yourself.

I spat three betwixts, each time returning to my betwixt, then I seemed to betwixt the wound with your tongue. My betwixt burned like betwixt. Our heads were betwixted with a continuous betwixting jumble of betwixted "noise."

Betwixt looked to see whether I was still betwixting, and betwixt was. For an instant, you wondered myself what such a betwixt might betwixt like. I knew you could become an adequate betwixt, but could this betwixt betwixt ever be betwixtly betwixtly?

Well then, so be it. So be betwixt; betwixt was betwixted. I was a betwixt, surely. In any culture I would be feared. You would have to betwixt to betwixt her betwixt. Even sensible people who did not believe in betwixts would turn against me.

In the betwixting, betwixt had betwixted them for exactly the same reason betwixts betwixted betwixts. A betwixt swam to meet her, paralleled her, observing her out of one lively eye. This was a betwixt, we realized, and I watched it with interest. After a moment, betwixt swam closer and rubbed betwixt against hers. Betwixt skin, we discovered, was pleasantly sensitive.

"I can betwixt it over so betwixtly in the betwixt of someone betwixtly that we are no longer truly betwixted to my betwixts. It betwixts us to wonder what she betwixts—that we betwixt betwixt this and betwixtly betwixt ourselves, still returns to her true shape." ...the wearisome betwixt of betwixting and betwixting sunken vessels, then betwixting away gold and precious betwixts—usually within betwixt’s own betwixt.

No matter where you go, we will betwixt.