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1. (interface-interweb-interself-)

2. homeless screens and women's shoes

1. defaced eMachine desktop, serial no. MQR87 D0H 00803

time: 3:40pm

date: May 28

location: Bed-Stuy (Nostrand Ave.)

misc.: YMCA membership

2. two pink sneakers, age ~3 women’s

time: 11:20am

date: May 30

location: Park Slope (9th St.)

misc.: from Abramović to Acconci

3. one supposedly rose-pink slipper-heel, age ~32 women’s

time: 9:55pm

date: May 30

location: Alphabet City (Avenue A)

misc.: $15 rose-pink gel nails

4. road-killed slipper-heel, diamond-studded, age ~16 women’s

time: 6:33pm

date: May 31

location: Bed-Stuy (Marcus Garvey Blvd.)

misc.: item temporarily abandoned

5. well-coiled Ethernet cable, cat. no. 278-792, and Oral-B toothbrush charger, type no. 3733

time: 8:39pm

date: June 1

location: Bed-Stuy (Gates Ave.)

misc.: uncle sushi

6. black leather boot, age ~39 women’s, with orange motorcycle light

time: 11:16am

date: June 4

location: Bed-Stuy (Monroe St.)

misc.: Frenchman

in collaboration with Virgil Taylor featuring item #6

7. four-wheeled ladybug scooter with U-handle with tin motorcycle part, age ~2 unisex

time: 11:06pm

date: June 6

location: Bed-Stuy (Greene Ave.)

misc.: Texan

8. noise-rattling Dynex tv screen, serial no. 112469042592

time: 2:48pm

date: June 7

location: Bed-Stuy (Clifton Pl.)

misc.: Decans discovery at Bush Doctor

9. delicately broken light bulb with tin-mirror top, serial no. LR58060120V60W

time: 1:28am

date: June 13

location: Williamsburg (Ten Eyck St.)

misc.: my boiled urine

10. scathed portion of coaxial cable, 10352FEET

time: 12:06am

date: June 14

location: Boerum Hill (Schemerhorn St.)

misc.: The Exorcist

11. one black Forever 21-labeled slipper, age ~31 women's, with one soiled black ballet slipper, age ~18 women's

date: June 17

time: 7:29pm

location: Bed-Stuy (Nostrand Ave.)

misc.: sweaty

3. the performance